Choosing Careers: Articles on How to Choose a Career

This page has more of my own efforts at choosing careers.

When I chose to write on this website, I asked myself many, many questions. For example – what did I really want from a career? And then I really listened for the answers.

In the first article Career choice quiz, I’ve got some similar questions. Ask them to yourself one by one – and wait for an answer. I really think you will suddenly be much, much clearer about what career to take up.

Now the second article has a pretty interesting title – I really hate my job.  (Is that you? :P) I’ve only worked for 2 months ever in my life, but those 2 months were enough for me to hate a “job”. 🙂 This article has a solution I cooked up in my head just today – if you hate your job. What’s wrong in trying it? Anything better than well – doing nothing, isn’t it?

Then of course there’s Career Choice. You’ve already had a look at it, haven’t you? It’s got some more career articles !