Career Choice: Interesting Articles About Choosing a Career

I spent hours and hours thinking and asking and wracking my brains over the right career choice.

I mean how to decide, especially when you’re in college?

One day while I was shaking my head trying to decide what career to select, I suddenly thought – why did society invent the concept of career in the first place? Why should people have careers?

Article #1

What is a career? is well, a summary of what I finally concluded about what fundamentally a career really is.

Article #2

Career Choice: Need help deciding which career! is the second article here. Of course as you know, there’s no perfect method that you just apply to have your dream career dancing before you. 😉 But, I’ve written about whatever I did when I chose this career of writing on this site. 🙂 You can apply that method in your life too, who knows, you may suddenly be clear about what you want to do!


The third article is a bit off track. 🙂 You may think you are doing OK in your job or in your college but is everything really OK? One day, while in college I was struck by a sudden realization that shook my cozy get-grades, take-a-job world, and I talk about it in Find your passion: Why you should stop doing what is OK and start doing what you like. I’d say read it, who knows you too may realize something more about your own career!


The 4th article is about me. What I did to build this site. I’ve named it How to build a website? Are you interested in sharing your passion through a website and earning money from it? Heavens, you’re like me – click here!

So well, career mongering can be fun. Or not. But it is an important part of our life. So it’s worth asking the questions that these articles ask.