A Peculiar Career Choice Quiz That Will Help You Explore Your ‘Career Thoughts’

This is not an ordinary career choice quiz where I’ll ask you your preferences and say – you are perfect to be a mathematician or you’re going to be a doctor. That would be simple and logical but it may not be satisfactory in the long run.

What is the best career for you? I think the best career is something that combines what you love doing with what earns you money. You are going to spend a lot of time choosing your career, therefore it makes sense that you really enjoy it.

This career choice quiz therefore is a bit unconventional. Instead of talking about what career will make you the most money or suggesting standard career options, it asks you questions which involve deep answers. The best career for you will require you to search the deepest parts of yourself. And this quiz asks you questions to help you get there.

What I can promise is that if you honestly attempt this quiz and write absolutely true answers, you will come up with a career you will love.

Write real answers to the questions in this career choice quiz. I mean it’s for you right, no one else is going to read those answers. So you can just write down what you truly feel.

The Career Choice Quiz

Question 1: What do you truly, really want from a career? (Be honest. If you had the best possible career, what would that career give you?)

Question 2: What do you really like doing? (For example, some people like painting. Other like organizing events. Yet others like speaking on stage. Don’t think about money yet – just list what you like. A good way to find out what you like is to ask yourself – what is the activity I pursue during the day anyway? What would I do for free? )

Question 3: How can you earn money using any of these things? (Write down at least 5 ways of earning money by doing what you love doing. Rack your brains, there must be a way! For example, if you like watching movies, reviewing movies for a newspaper is a cool way to earn money doing what you love.

The quiz is over.

I know. It didn’t ask too many questions. 🙂

All it really asked was – what do you love doing and how can you earn money doing that?

If you have been told that pursuing a degree in a certain field you may not be interested in (but a field that is popular) and getting a good job is how you will find the best career for you, this quiz may sound impractical to you. Or maybe you have 4-5 options in your mind and you had thought taking this quiz will confirm which option you should take. And now may you feel more confused than ever.

For one instant, if you could forget all that society has taught you about a career, and if you honestly, truly think for yourself – then what do you think you should be doing year after year, for so many hours a day? Your career is a good percentage of your life. Isn’t it obvious that you should choose to do something you love, something you really enjoy? Why should you sacrifice THAT part of your life? You needn’t.

Choosing a career you love and following it may take time – it may take 5 years. Or 10 years. But then, you are at least moving in the right direction. Atleast after ‘n’ years you will be doing what you love and making money. Isn’t that the BEST career you could have?

Think about the results of this career finder test. You have already written down some ways to make money doing what you love. Research these ways more and start experimenting!

My Career Choice Quiz

If I go back in time, here are the answers I would have written down in this career choice quiz.

Question 1: What do you truly really want from a career?

I want to do something I enjoy and earn money. I want to do something I really love, something I would do for free anyway and help people doing that. And that would earn me money.

Question 2: What do you really like doing?

1) I love personal development. Like if I get angry, I’ll try to think – ‘why did I get angry?’ – ‘could I choose to not angry?’ – and weird things like that. Or if I sense that I am afraid of telling a girl she is beautiful, I’ll try to do it despite being afraid – just to overcome the fear. Basically exploring living and finding out more about what the heck I am doing here.

2) I love meeting new people. Like if I am at a marriage party and I don’t know anyone, would love to walk up to a random stranger and say – ‘Hi, what do you do?’

3) I like writing simple, rhyming poems. Here’s one on this site.

4) I love anchoring on stage. Whenever I’ve anchored a quiz or a ceremony in the past, I’ve been on a high.

5) I love traveling. The experience of meeting new people and experiencing a new culture. And visiting new places.

Question 3: How can you earn money using any of these things?

I can start my personal development website where I’ll write what I learn about life and earn money through advertisements. I can sell my own e-book on the website. I can also offer to anchor at different events and quizzes. One day I can conduct my own innovative workshops.

Chris Guillebeau, Steve Pavlina, and Leo Babuta – they’re three inspiring people who’re doing what they like, and making money. Knowing that someone on this earth makes money doing what he loves is a great inspiration.

Steve Pavlina writes about his experiments with life, his life-hacks on his site. What he writes inspires people and so they are ready to pay him for coaching sessions, for workshops and for products he endorses. He earns more than enough money.

Chris Guillebeau travels the world and writes about changing the world by living the best life you can live. He also writes interesting travel stories on his blog. He has written many books about travel and improving one’s life. Again, he does what he loves and earns enough money.

Leo Babauta is yet another inspiration. He blogs about productivity, living a simple life, and similar things – all of which are his areas of interest. He conducts workshops, and provides special membership-only content on his site, writes books and earns a lot of money.

Of course, all the above people are people somehow related to personal development but it is not necessary that this be your field. There are many sportspersons, rose lovers, movie-buffs, and comedians who do what they love.

In any case, all the best with your career decisions. Hope this career choice quiz helped you!