Need Help Deciding Which Career? Here Are the Basics

So career choice is puzzling you and you need help deciding which career.

Yeah, I must admit that’s pretty tough – choosing a career. I myself spent a hell lot of time choosing mine.

Generally people choose careers like an aeronautical engineer, software developer, doctor, architect, lawyer, __________. If you are thinking – ‘..which one of those should I become?’ – no at the end of this article I am not going to say ‘become this or this or this’. In fact, I don’t even know much about those standard professions.

But in my own quest in choosing the right career, I discovered that there was something deeper to having a career than simply choosing one of those standard jobs. So we’re going to go a bit deeper. It’s going to be pretty weird because we generally keep hearing about those standard professions – how to choose one of them. But you and I will be happier. 🙂

Career Choice – The Choosing Career Essentials!

I think basically we want 2 things from a career – we want to do something we like and we want to earn money, that’s it.

In fact we’d all be pretty satisfied if we did anything we liked doing and earned money from it.

So I’ll tell you about how I tried my hand at choosing the right career which had these qualities.

Career Choice – List What You Like Doing for Choosing The Right Career

The first thing I did was write down things I loved doing. You see, if I had to find out a career which I enjoyed, I would be doing things I liked. So I would first at least have to know what I liked doing, right?

Come, make a list of activities you like to do.

Don’t worry if they are things like playing Age of Empires or tennis or reading fiction, or organizing events – anything you like doing is enough. You need not think about making money from them right away.

Here are some of my I-like-them things. 🙂

1) I love personal development. Like if I get angry, I’ll try to think – ‘why did I get angry?’ – ‘could I choose to not get angry?’ – and weird things like that. Or if I sense that I am afraid of telling a girl she is beautiful, I’ll try to do it despite being afraid – just to overcome the fear. Basically exploring living and finding out more about what the heck I am doing here.

2) I love meeting new people. Like if I am at a marriage party and I don’t know anyone, I would love to walk up to a random stranger and say – ‘Hi, what do you do?’

3) I like writing simple, rhyming poems. Here’s one on this site. 4) I love anchoring on stage. Whenever I’ve anchored a quiz or a ceremony in the past, I’ve been on a high.

5 I love traveling. The experience of meeting new people and getting to know a new culture. And visiting new places.

6) I love the words – “new”, “weird”, “different” and “being ripped apart.”

7) I love making a difference in the lives of people and somehow helping them.

8) I love acting uniquely in my own way in mundane, daily situations. Like I might walk along my uniquely carved curved path one day instead of walking straight over a short distance, or I might say ‘have a refreshing and memorable birthday‘ instead of ‘happy birthday’.

So well, you’d better make your list.

Career Choice – Think of Ways To Make Money Doing What You Like

In every career, people are doing something that is valuable to someone else and getting money in return isn’t it?

Like my own dad is a scientist – and he’s inventing electronic gadgets – and companies which like those electronic items give him money. Or a software engineer makes software because someone else wants it – and that someone else gives him money.

So now, I thought – is there a way I can create value for someone else and earn money – by doing any of the things that I wrote above? Because that’s how I could make money.

After thinking and thinking about each thing I liked dong, I thought I’d make a website about personal development. I liked personal development and I’d be sharing stuff on my site. And there are a lot of ways you can use websites to earn money if you work hard to let everyone know about your site.

I know this sounds very strange. I mean it’s getting weirder and weirder. But I told you we’d go deep. 🙂

Now let’s say you like playing tennis. How can you earn money from tennis?

One way is to become a tennis player – but that’s terribly competitive. Besides, you really don’t want to be the best on this earth when it comes to tennis, you just like playing it.

Could you make a website on tennis? You could post your own videos and your own perspective on basic tennis and people like me who don’t know head or tail of it could visit you. 🙂 Site Build It is an excellent software that helps very much in making and publicizing your site.

Could you and your tennis-freak friends gather funds to organize a tennis tournament in your locality – and make money from the tickets people buy? You could play in the tournament too. This one’s a bit far-fetched but the point is, there can be some way in which you can SELL what you like doing so that other people pay you money.

Do you like a certain type of dance? How about making a site telling people about this dance? You can publicize this dance form and hold classes for it in your locality – and you can even publicize those dance classes through your website.

I know all this sounds quite spooky. But tell me, no matter how many years pass – won’t you love it if you somehow make an effort to do what you like dong and also earn money? Wouldn’t it be better than being an engineer or a guy you don’t want to be?

Career Choice – So What Now?

Yeah, I know. You’re in college. Or you’re about to get into college. All this find-what-you-like and sell it thing seems nice, but what do you do right now? Do you just quit everything?

I think you can keep doing what you are doing. Like if you have applied for a certain course in college, you can keep studying it and PARALLELY keep exploring options of making money doing things you like. In fact you can even get into a conventional job and parallely keep exploring ways to make money doing what you like!

Or if you are yet to go into college – you can simply choose any branch of study you like – and go there – and then keep exploring what you like – and then think of ways to make money from it.

I mean, really think – can you ever be satisfied if you artificially keep doing something you think is crap? Like if you get an MBA or an MS because people say that pays good money?

I think you will be happy when you do whatever you like and generate money from it, some how. And who on earth said you cannot generate a lot of money doing what you like?

I haven’t yet done that ;), but take a look at Steve Pavlina- a millionaire personal development blogger and Chris Guillebeau – a well to do world traveler. Career choice? Do what you like. And there’s a lo…ot of time you have – so keep thinking of how to make money out of it. 🙂