Can I Write About My Experiences and Inspire People? Can I Do It?

by Chetan
(Tirupati, India)


Hi Meghu, how are you?

I am feeling inspired to write to you in this moment. I have been reading your website since it started. Guess I have made some contribution to this site once or twice earlier. I have to pinch you once ‘same pinch’ style, because like you, I too am an admirer of Steve Pavlina.

To start with, I have been through the worst part of my life in the past three years. I screwed up my college grades, my girlfriend ditched me and I neglected music (something I really loved). Some time ago, my days became so dull and void of meaning that I would end up playing video games all day.

Slowly however, things have changed. I’ve always had a small desire some where in my mind which I neglected earlier. These days, I have been able to articulate it better. I think I have found my real passion in my life. “I would like to write something inspirational and I would love people to read what I write”. I don’t know why but I do want to do this.

Actually Meghu, I have something within me, that I want to tell in such a way that it creates change in the lives of many people in a practical way. When I write something inspirational I feel inspired myself. My power seems to come back to me. I want to expand on that burst of inspiration and make it grow.

So, what do you think about this? Do you think I can write some of my experiences with respect to my sad phase and how I have now regained inspiration? I also want to write about how your site has been useful to me. How can I proceed?


Hi Chetan,

First, thanks for being a regular reader at Personal Development Is Fun. 🙂 I am so happy that you wrote to me.

Here is what I understand about your situation.

You have gone through a lot of pain and problems in the past few years. First, you gave in to them, but then you inspired yourself and recovered from your unpleasant situation. You are now feeling much better. You are also feeling the urge to write and inspire other people – this makes you feel energized yourself. Now your question is – firstly – are you capable of doing this? Secondly, how can you begin?

This is what I have understood from your question.

I can completely understand the rush of energy you experience when you write to inspire both yourself and others. I go through the same energy rush as I write many of my articles.

Question 1: are you capable enough to write and inspire people? I would say – you absolutely are! You have recovered from a sad situation and therefore you can help a lot of people recover from sad situations. You definitely have something to share. No one is perfect – everyone including me is learning. You can share whatever you have learnt. Another interesting thing that I sometimes do is that I sometimes write in ‘me to me’ style. This means I write articles as if I am writing them to inspire myself. That way, I write confidently and without any hesitation. Then I share the article with the world. You can do the same thing and write to inspire yourself if you are not feeling confident about inspiring other people. Therefore my one line answer is: Go for it!

How can you proceed? Well, you can proceed in many ways! Go ahead with what inspires and excites you. You can start a website ( here’s an article that explains everything about how to start a website). You can write ebooks and self-publish and sell them on the Kindle Store. (If you do not not know what the Kindle Store is, it is an ebook store from that has ebooks that can be read on free Kindle apps on smart phones and on a device called the Kindle device). You can record and post inspirational videos on YouTube. You can record and publish podcasts on iTunes.

If you have never done any of the above things, you might feel intimidated – but come on – it hardly takes any time to learn these things. You can Google these things up. In one day, you can publish your podcast, or learn how to publish a Kindle ebook or create your video or start your website.

As you take action and start writing and inspiring, you will feel even happier. You will feel even more motivated than you are now.

So yup, I would say – go for it. Choose a medium that excites you. Start doing something related to what inspires you. Most probably you will fail a bit or face some problems initially, but that’s OK – and you will soon learn and live your dream.

Did I understand your question properly? Was there something else you were trying to ask? If so, contact me here and I will try to understand your question in an even better way. You can also book a free 30 minute phone consultation (NOTE: this is no longer offered) with me and we can discuss more about what you are thinking.

Have a wonderful day! 🙂