My Best Life Quotes: Good Quotes That I Loved Collecting

Life is interesting right? I mean, today I am “okay.” Yesterday I was ecstatic! And not many days ago I was terribly sad! (All this is true. :))

I think quotes are awesome because they take a picture of this life as it is or the way it could be and present a tantalizingly clear image of it in as many as 10 words! That is why it is so interesting to read them.


So, have a look at these hilarious quotes.

One of the quotes here depicts how dogs feel about other dogs (huh?) in a side-splitting way. Then you’ll see the actual picture of a board outside a bar which says – “Our public bar is presently not open because it is closed.” (?!)

Read on. I laughed and I am sure you will laugh too.

VALENTINE QUOTES and love quotes

Love, is of course another fascinating aspect of life. For that matter, I am in love right now. 🙂 Valentine quotes express the beauty of romance and how it changes your life…..You will definitely enjoy them if you’ve ever been in love. And talking of love, is love not greater than just romance? What about the love of a mother? Or the unconditional love of a friend before whom you can speak your heart confident that he will understand you? In Quotes of love, I’ve written down quotes which stirred my soul….


I have always loved Christmas. In school I associated it with Santa Claus, toffees, holidays, getting under the quilt and being terribly happy for no reason! And then ever since I saw the movie “Love Actually”, which is about the love that’s all around during Christmas, the festival has become a very important day of my life indeed…So I’ve put in my Best Christmas quotes here. Read!

In this moment, I wish you joy, happiness and the thrill of being excited about your day….

Life is good.