Some Really Cool Benefits of Public Speaking

What are the benefits of public speaking?

What difference will it make in your life?

Basically, there are three ways I got benefited from refusing to budge and staying put on stage and speaking. 😉

The Kick of Speaking in Public

How to explain it? It feels awesome to speak on stage. What have you experienced that was just “awesome”? Recollect any time when you felt you could do absolutely anything on this earth. That the world was perfect and that you just rocked! Was it when you fell in love? Or when you topped your school?

I haven’t ever tried drugs but people tell me they make you feel light. I’d say that is how public speaking feels – absolutely fantastic once you’ve gotten over the initial fear.

Whenever I have anchored, I’ve felt full of joy and love and confidence. Just amazing.

Why would you try out scuba diving or rock climbing or travel to new places? The wonder and excitement they bring to you – public speaking brings it to you too. Once you’ve overcome the initial fear of course. I promise. So try it!


There was a time when I used to be terribly introverted. I used to feel fear even when talking to strangers. Saying “hi” to people I didn’t know was taboo! When I walked around and there were lots of people, I would try to pass unobserved.

It was at this time ironically that I picked up public speaking and tried it. I remember the first time I got really comfortable on stage. I actually talked to my audience and they clapped and all of us – the audience and me simply enjoyed that quiz I anchored.

Immediately after that quiz, I didn’t feel any fear talking to strangers at all.

I mean, unlike the old “me” you might not be feeling any fear talking to strangers anyway, but tell me don’t you have a mild feeling of fear and restraint at the back of your mind as you talk to people you don’t know? That vanished for me after the quiz! I walked up to people I never knew and said –“Hi” genuinely and had a most natural conversation with them! I was in the moment. I’ve observed that whenever I speak in public, I feel fearless in ordinary fear inducing situations for quite some time after the speech.

Just imagine, if you have just talked to 200 people at a time, don’t things like asking directions or sitting for job interviews or addressing 5 people or talking to a girl seem like a joke? I promise, suddenly fear will disappear from your life – at least to a great extent, and you will keep feeling confident!

New People

Invariably after every public speaking session, you’ll meet new and wonderful people. I always interact with some members of the audience after a speech. Come on, if you’ve talked with them for an hour, you and the audience have bonded haven’t you? Many of those people will want to interact more and you too would love to interact with them!

After organizing an inter-college debate once, I got to know many debaters from different colleges across the country. I got to know almost every person in my department after organizing speaking events in my department.

Interacting with new people is always fun!

I’d vouch for the fact that public speaking is a learning experience. Try it, please…!