Applying the Law of Attraction to Manifest $ 500. It’s Day 5.

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

It’s Day 5. I am really enjoying the exercises about applying the law of attraction that Jason sends me.

They are weird and interesting. 🙂

The Email

One thing I like about the emails is that they are generally short and tell me what to do in a few simple sentences. This email was just like that too.

It said – “Think about some debt you have to repay and then clearly imagine that it has vanished! Imagine that the universe has somehow paid it and you no longer need to pay it. Use yesterday’s audio’s visualization technique and FEEL the FREEDOM of there being no debt!”


What Did I Do?

This time, for a change, I did not do what the email told me to do. I didn’t feel very motivated about it. You see I really don’t have any significant debt. If whatever debt I had got paid, so what? I don’t even have a credit card. 🙂 (Isn’t my life simple? :P)

So I thought of something else. Instead of imagining that a debt had vanished, I thought –“why not use that audio’s visualization technique to clearly visualize what I really want in my life?”

So I asked myself, “What do I really want right now?”

A splendid scene bloomed before me.

I saw my last day at work. I felt that happiness of not being forced to work ever again! I didn’t have to do anything at all now! I waved goodbye to my friends at work. They smiled..but I was jumping with joy. I NEED not now ever – EVER –do anything for money. I was financially independent. Even if I did nothing else ever, my website would still sustain me. Happily, I jumped down the stairs and walked on to the road. Then I called up Krupa. She was ecstatic. She was sharing my joy, so much so that she herself couldn’t stop herself from gasping and laughing as we talked.

When I came home that night, I lay down on my bed free of thoughts like – “ah, I have to go to work again tomorrow..” My body and mind relaxed as the fact that I was now FREE sunk in.. I could be lying like this forever and yet – I would have enough money to fulfill all my desires without ever having to take up a job again. How wonderful!

In the morning when I woke up, I perched myself on the swing near my house. As the birds chirped, and the beauty of the dawn was unveiled, I felt so beautiful – I had enough money and would get enough money every month without ever having to do something. I came back home after the swinging and checked how much money I had made in the day. Someone had bought an affiliate e-book for $ 7. Someone else had donated $ 5. And Google Adds themselves had generated $ 5. $ 17 Was what I had earned that day. It felt pleasant: $10 a day is my current salary at work. 🙂 [Edit: this was in May 2010, and I do feel I was a bit money-centered at that time thinking getting money would solve everything. I don’t think so anymore.]

Wow. I was truly FREE. 🙂

As I thought about all this, I felt light. Pleasant. I didn’t want to stop this… I dreamt of this again and again through the day…

Any Manifestion?

Yes sir. And an interesting one at that.

I shared my cab from the railway station to my workplace with another guy. My place was nearer than his, so I had to get down before him. But when I got down and took out my wallet to pay, an interesting thing happened. This guy said –“No, no! Don’t.” And he waved his hand and refused to let me pay. “Really?”, I said and stared..and then murmured.. “Thank you…”

Nice, wasn’t it? The cab ride cost Rs 30. That is $ 0.7.

Slowly but steadily, things are happening as I am applying the law of attraction. Wouldn’t it be great if I actually manifested $ 500? Let’s see. 🙂