The Law of Attraction Challenge: It’s Day 9.

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

The roll continued today! Yes, $ 231.70 is what I manifested though there’s a catch about that money.

Jason’s exercise for today was a bit weird. It didn’t involve thinking. It didn’t involve writing. What it did involve was: going out there and doing something.

Jason’s Email on Day 9

Today, he asked me to give a good amount of money to someone without any reason. Anyone.

I could give it to a beggar on the road. Or I could pay the bill for the table next to mine at a restaurant.

Or I could give the cabby double the fare.

The point was: In giving a lot of money to someone without any reason, I would release my mindset of “scarcity”, that is the belief that “money is limited and that if I give someone money, I will not have enough for myself.”

And this “releasing of the scarcity mindset”, will welcome more money into my life. 🙂

So Whom Did I Give To?

On my way back from work, I decided I would gift the auto-rickshaw driver Rs 100($2.2).

Rs 100 for me is a good amount of money.

The daily fare that I pay to an auto rickshaw driver is Rs 20 ($0.44). So Rs 100 is definitely 5 times the usual amount of money.

I sat in the auto-rickshaw as usual. Something weird happened though: I actually felt nervous! I felt nervous about breaking the social norm of giving only as much money as required. 🙂 I also felt nervous thinking: “I am giving him Rs 100. Rs 100 is a lot…What if I don’t have enough for myself later on…”


As I got down from the rickshaw, I told the auto rickshaw driver: “Today, I felt like gifting someone Rs 100. This is a genuine gift from me. Please accept it.”

Would he refuse? Would he make fun of me?

He didn’t react. He took the money as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened and sped off.

Well, my job was done.:) And I couldn’t deny that I was feeling amazing about myself for having actually completed today’s exercise…

Abraham Law of Attraction: Manifestation Time!

Quite a lot happened today. So let me start with the good old Google Adsense.

The skyrocketing Adsense income continued its “zoom-zoom” spree with me manifesting a cool $1.40. 🙂 I’m happy.

Then, in the afternoon, I did something I had never done before in my life. I asked my boss for a raise despite having told him that I would quit on July 10, 2010. ( Remember my girlfriend had suggested this to me on Day 6?)

Now I am developing a website for my boss. And this is what my boss said: “If you get the visitor count for this website to 100 people a day by July 10, I’ll give you a bonus of Rs 10000 ($220.70)”

Now the point is – 100 visitors a day is challenging. But it isn’t that big a deal either. So, I’ll give it the benefit of doubt and add Rs 10000 to my manifested amount! After all, it was the law of attraction that made me ask for a raise in the first place. Before this challenge, I never even thought of asking for one. 🙂

As if this was not enough, another interesting thing happened.

This is what my boss told me: “I have a suggestion. Don’t quit this job on July 10th. Quit on July 21st. And since you will work for 11 days more, take 11 days from May 11 to May 21 off.“

Now why’s that great for me?

Because it will save me loads of money in transportation cost! When I totaled up, I found that I would be saving Rs 432 ($ 9.60) in this month because of the 10 days of leave.

And that makes today’s Abraham law of attraction manifestation to be: $220.70+ $9.60+$1.40= $231.70.

$ 500 isn’t far away…