My Law of Attraction Experiment: Key Lessons Learnt

As many of you may already know, I recently finished with a fascinating law of attraction experiment.

I tried to manifest 15 desires one after the other using only the law of attraction. And the freaking truth is that 13 out of those 15 desires actually manifested in some way or the other!

I thought about each desire for about 17 seconds and waited for 2-3 days for it to manifest.

Here‘s an interesting table that talks about what desires I tried to manifest and what happened to them:

A bowl of Maggi Noodles

A pair of pyjamas to wear at night

Phone ringtone repair

A crimson coloured rose

Rose petals floating on water

A bowl full of pineapple pieces

A blue feather

The movie to watch on my birthday

A book by Dr Brad Swift

A wet blade of grass

A white kitten

A guava with a long stem

A green rubber ball

A pizza from Pizza Hut

Voice clarity on phone

Fascinating isn’t it? Before the experiment even I was skeptical about such things really happening. I mean it’s OK to say you’ve read about the law of attraction or watched the Secret. But actually seeing things happen only by the power of thoughts is…bamboozling. 🙂

Yes, I found out for myself that the law of attraction actually works.

So in this post I am going to tell you EXACTLY what I learnt about the Abraham law of attraction as I stumbled along intending one thing after the other.

Lesson Number 1: The Intention Must Be Pure

OK, let’s say you want to manifest a laptop out of thin air. So you sit down close your eyes and think about a laptop for 17 seconds (the law of attraction states that whatever you think about purely for 17 seconds manifests). Will you get a laptop the next day?

Most probably not if you made the mistake I made pretty often in this experiment.

I learnt the hard way that when you think about something for 17 seconds – you have to think about it purely – with no other thoughts whatsoever.

So if you’re thinking about manifesting a laptop, all that you have to think about in those 17 seconds is the beauty of your laptop and its wonderful features – things like that. You CANNOT think thoughts like – “..but how will I get a laptop?” or “I’ll quickly finish intending and then do the laundry” or “I hope no one’s watching me intending?” or anything else on this earth.

During those 17 seconds you must ONLY think about the laptop and how wonderful it would be to have it. Nothing else.

I noticed during this experiment that whenever my intention was so pure that I actually got lost in thinking about my desire, the manifestation was PERFECT. For example – when I thought about rose petals floating on water, I only thought about them and thought about nothing else during those 17 seconds. I got completely lost in caressing and feeling the rose petals in my imagination. Of course I saw rose petals floating on water in reality the next day.

On the other hand, when I thought about manifesting pineapple pieces – but also thought – “I must get this over quickly before someone else enters the room” parallely, NOTHING manifested.

So there’s the thing I learnt – intend purely thinking ONLY about what you want for 17 seconds (and nothing else).

Lesson Number 2: Don’t Think About the Intention After Setting It!

This was one of the most intriguing lessons I learnt from the experiment.

Whenever I thought too much about what I had intended, the intention either didn’t come true or only partially came true.

Once, when I intended that I manifest a certain book ,I kept thinking about this book for the next 2 days. I had thoughts like – “Will I able to manifest this book? What if this book just doesn’t manifest?” Of course the book didn’t manifest.

So what I learnt was that we must not think or ponder too much about what we’re asking the universe for. We should just ask and forget about our intention. What we want will then happen automatically.

My theory of why you must not think about stuff after intending is that when you think about your intention again and again, you are actually setting more and more intentions with those thoughts! And since we generally tend to think negatively about what we want – we actually end up setting contradictory and negative intentions. If I intend that a rubber ball manifest and then think later – “What if it doesn’t manifest?” or “Why haven’t I got a ball yet”, then I am simply setting another intention telling the universe “Hey, I don’t want the rubber ball”.

Lesson Number 3: Starting Small Works!

About a year and a half ago I became pretty excited about the law of attraction and set an intention to manifest $1 million. 🙂

Nothing happened.

Yet, 13 out of 15 intentions came true in some way or the other this time. So what went wrong that time?

I think my $ 1 million intention didn’t manifest because it was so far fetched for me that I didn’t believe it would manifest. When I was thinking about the $1 million, I was also thinking – “This just cant happen!” Similarly, I must have thought thoughts contradictory to my intention all day after having set my intention.

The problem with setting big intentions right away is that we will think so much about them all day that we’ll definitely end up setting contradictory intentions all day. For example, if I am broke and set an intention to manifest a lot of money, I will still set contradictory intentions all day when I keep thinking “Oh God, I am broke!” or “My finances are so messed up”.

The fact that 13 out of 15 intentions came true in this experiment taught me that intending small is an amazing way to get to know exactly how the law of attraction works. The good part about intending a bowl full of Maggi Noodles is that you don’t tend to set negative and contradictory intentions about small things like that.

Once you KNOW that the law of attraction works..and that things can actually manifest out of thin air – once you have thought about a cat and seen a cat, that is when you can start intending big stuff like career and relationships. 🙂

In fact, now that so many of my desires have come true I am all geared up to conduct an experiment related to manifesting a wonderful career..a better relationship and things like that!

The Intention-Manifestation Chart!

So that was about what I learnt from the Abraham law of attraction experiment.

Based on what I’ve learnt, I’ve drawn a small little flow chart about how to actually set an intention and manifest somethiung.

Take a look:

In this moment I intend that the chart above should help you practice the law of attraction better…:)

If you haven’t ever tried intending using the law of attraction – why not set an intention today? It only takes 17 seconds, it is fun and yes I’ve actually seen it work.

Now that I’ve shared absolutely everything in my heart regarding the Abraham law of attraction, I’ll utter a deep sigh (huh!) and take your leave.

Until next time, happy intending!