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Weekly Super-Boost (Nov 14-20)
November 20, 2012 Weekly News

Weekly Super-Boost


I’m Meghashyam and after a long gap, I'm back.

As you know, my online home is

Hope you are doing well.

From this week onwards, I am changing the format of this newsletter a bit. Instead of sending you this newsletter every month, I'll send it to you every week. Also, in each week's newsletter, I'll tell you about all the inspiring activity that's been going on at Personal Development Is Fun. :)

This means you'll get all the links to inspirational articles posted, inspirational audio recorded or inspirational picture quotes sent - straight in your inbox every week.

Let's start off with this week's inspirational super boost!

Inspirational Audio

What is the difference between people who are very successful and people who end up living only OK lives? What extra things do people who achieve at the highest level do?

I released an inspirational audio this week called: How to Go From OK to Amazing that talks about these points.

You can download this inspirational audio here.

Inspirational Article: How to Stop Being Angry (Is It Even Possible?)

I wrote a post about some tips that helped me with my anger here. Take a peek! In this post I talk about 3 specific actions you can take to take responsibility of your anger right now.

How to Stop Being Angry (Is That Possible?)

Inspirational Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are always welcome aren't they!

Here are the picture quotes I sent this week.

On giving genuinely and artificially:

On not making excusing and seizing the day:

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Have a wonderful day!

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