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Weekly Super-Boost (Dec 4- Dec 11)
December 11, 2012 Weekly News

Weekly Super-Boost


Hope you are well. Let me start off with the inspirational updates I sent off this week at

Here they are:

Inspirational Audio: Bucket Lists

I recently made my bucket list and that helped me see my life in perspective.

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. It was so exciting for me to make that list! And as I made it, I got clearer and clearer about what I wanted to do in life. Some sample items in my bucket list were:

1) Growing a spinach plant from scratch

2) Creating tons of audios, videos and articles to inspire people

3) Facing many of my fears and embracing more and more new experiences

4) Acting in a play

5) Volunteering and doing something to help people without getting any money back

I recorded an audio that talked about why bucket lists are important and why it would be great if you could make yours too.

You can download this audio here.

What to Tell Yourself When You Avoid Making Big Decisions

Do you postpone the BIG things you know you need to act upon?

Do you put off making big decisions because it seems like a lot of hard work and because it is scary?

Here's the article I sent this week about what to tell yourself when you avoid making big decisions in life. (Hint: Putting off making a decision is the same as making a decision to keep things as they are).

Inspirational Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are always welcome aren't they!

Here are the picture quotes I sent this week.

On forcing yourself sometimes:

On the power of persistence:

On the choice you can make today:

I also compiled a list of picture quotes that I sent in October. Here they are!

Have You Downloaded 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks Yet?

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks is a free ebook I recently released. In it I've written about 100 simple things you can do right here and now to be happy even if you are facing problems in your career or relationships. Happiness is really not difficult to find, you just have to lower your resistance to it a bit.

Download 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks for free here (PDF version).

Download 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks from the Kindle Store for less than a dollar.

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That's about it this week. Hope your life gets better in the coming days.

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