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Weekly Super-Boost (Jan 11- Jan 18)
January 19, 2013 Weekly News

Weekly Super-Boost


Hope your week went well.

Here are the inspirational updates I sent this week at Personal Development Is Fun.

Here's Exactly How to Change Your Thoughts

I wrote a post last week about a cool technique to change your thoughts.

Essentially it all started when I realized that most of the time we are not in control of our thoughts. In fact, most of the time, we think automatically in response to external circumstances without even realizing that we are thinking! And that makes changing your thoughts or even observing them tough.

So I decided to conduct a thought experiment to understand WHAT made me think in a certain way.

Here's the entire post that talks about how to change your thoughts (make them more positive and all that) by conducting your own thought experiment.

More Inspirational Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are always welcome aren't they!

Here are the picture quotes I sent this week.

On meditation:

On doing it someday:

On breathing:

On taking initiative:

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That's about it this week. Hope your life gets better in the coming days!
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