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Weekly Super-Boost (Dec 3- Jan 9)
January 10, 2013 Weekly News

Weekly Super-Boost


Hope your new year is going well.

Here are the inspirational updates I sent this week at Personal Development Is Fun.

Inspirational Audio: How to Achieve Your New Year Goals This Year (And Not Mess Up)

One thing so many of us do as the new year begins is that we set goals. Big, hairy, audacious goals. Generally, however, most people give up by February.

This year, I want to help you achieve your goals - no matter what. And so I asked myself what could possibly go wrong and what the solutions could be.

After a lot of deliberation and based on my own past experiences with setting goals, I came up with a list of 10 factors that can truly help anyone to achieve their goals this year.

I've recorded an audio called '10 Tips to Achieve Your New Year Goals No Matter What' that contains these 10 tips. I truly believe they will help you rock your year if you apply them in your life.

All the best!

December's Picture Quotes

Here's a list of picture quotes that I sent throughout December.

I hope they inspire you and help make your day better. Take a peek!

More Inspirational Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are always welcome aren't they!

Here are the picture quotes I sent this week.

On the importance of failing:

On setting goals for the new year:

On the passing of time:

On being grateful:

Stuff I Recommend

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That's about it this week. Hope your life gets better in the coming days!
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