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Weekly Super-Boost (Feb 11, 2013)
February 11, 2013 Weekly News

Weekly Super-Boost


Hope you're good today.

Here are the inspirational updates I sent this week and the week before at Personal Development Is Fun.

The Difference Between Taking Action and Only Thinking

Last week, I sent out a podcast episode about the difference between consuming a lot of content and getting up and taking action. Many of us watch the news everyday but we don't take any concrete action. We read inspirational articles, but we don't actually do anything about them. I've been there and done that in the past.

However, in the long run, I realized that results happen only from taking action. You can see others living their lives on TV and in blog posts - but the bottom line is - what action are you taking today?

I've talked about taking action and how to get yourself to take action in this podcast episode.

Give it a listen!

Relationship Inspiration

I've almost finished reading the book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, this week. As I read through the book, I learnt some amazing lessons about the differences between men and women which can cause rifts in relationships. I applied some of the lessons to my own relationships and loved what I saw!

In the latest podcast episode at Personal Development Is Fun, I've talked about 6 interesting and important tips that I've picked up from the book. This podcast episode is called 'Relationship Inspiration From Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus'.

More Inspirational Picture Quotes

Inspirational picture quotes are always welcome aren't they!

Here are the picture quotes I sent this week.

On Being Called a Fool:

On Passing Through Fear:

On the Vibe of Success:

On Action Bias:

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That's about it this week. Hope your life gets better (than ever) in the coming days!
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