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Issue # 8, June 10, 2012

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My intention as I send this newsletter is to tell you one thing that changed me for the better in the last one month. Then I will ask you to do one small and interesting thing that'll improve your life in a small way TODAY.

So, shall we begin?

One Interesting Thing I Did In the Last 1 Month

On one particular day in the last one month, I realized that I was "tolerating" certain areas of my life.

I was spending my days doing things that I did not like doing. I was just tolerating them.

For example, I was not enjoying my job. I did not like being supervised the entire day. Nor did I like reporting on time in the morning and working till a fixed time in the evening irrespective of how much work I accomplished. For example, even if I finished a superb amount of work by 1 PM, I would still have to stay at work till 7 PM.

Another thing I was not enjoying was some of my relationships. There were some relationships which were becoming more of an obligation than a genuine win-win arrangement.

I looked at these things in my life which I was just tolerating and thought, "Why am I tolerating anything? Why do I not choose what truly makes me joyous and happy? I believe that no matter what our situation, there is always a choice. Then why not choose AWESOME things in life and why settle for something I am just tolerating?"

Of course, the thought was a bit radical for me I must confess, but I made a decision to stop "tolerating" things in my life and choose "amazing" things.

I decided to quit my job. I have now worked out a freelancing arrangement with the same company that pays me less. However, there is a tremendous amount of freedom and I am paid for my work and NOT for my time. I spend a good amount of the extra time I have got on pursuing activities that truly interest me: writing at PDIF, journaling, being with Krupa, reading, and just being happy.

I also made some changes in my relationships. I let go of some relationships that were becoming obligations. I realized that I could not help others in any relationship if I wasn't true to myself in the first place. It was difficult, but I communicated to some people what part of the relationship was becoming an obligation and let go of it.

Overall, after removing the parts of my life that I was just "tolerating", my happiness level has increased considerably. I would say I am much, much more joyous and fulfilled now than say, a month ago. I am also seeing that by giving up what I was "tolerating", I have made way for more things that are amazing in my life.

What is the One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today?

Ask yourself right now - are there some things in your life that you are NOT happy with? Are there some things in your life that you are just tolerating?

Why are you tolerating anything at all? Life is meant to be amazing and joyful. If you spend all your life just tolerating something, then how can you ever be happy?

Ask yourself: what are the situations in my life that I am just tolerating and NOT happy with? Then, ask yourself how you can change each of these situations so that you really DO feel very happy about them.

Does your job suck? Well, figure out how you can make it better or whether you can find another one or how you can make a living without one. You may have grown habituated to tolerating that job but do you really want to live all your life like this? If not, then decide something that makes you happier.

Are certain relationships hurting you? Why are you in them then? Either get out or figure out how you can consciously improve them. You also need to be happy - there is no reason why you should settle for anything less!

My point is: you can really choose everything in your life. So, if there is something that you are not happy about, change it. Simple. I am sure you will feel relieved and amazing after you have made these changes. There is always some solution at hand if you look for it.

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