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Issue # 1, January 26, 2010

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Every month – in this newsletter, I’ll tell you one interesting thing that changed me for the better in the last month. Then I will ask you to do one small thing TODAY. One small little thing that will improve your life.

So What Interesting Thing Happened in the Last Month?

A few days ago, when I was traveling back home from work, I saw an old man eating chips. I looked at him – as he kept gulping chip after chip. “Please God, he shouldn’t drop the wrapper here and there..”, I feared.

In India it is common for people to drop wrappers on the ground or anywhere they like.

Just as I had thought, the old man dropped the “chips wrapper” on the floor beside him.

“Oh”, I thought.

Then suddenly a thought came up in my mind – “I am blaming him for dropping the wrapper. Why don’t I pick up the wrapper myself, hold it as the train journeys, and throw it in the dustbin once I reach my destination?”

“But no…How could I pick up the wrapper HE had dropped? It was on the ground near his feet… And everyone would look at me…as I would bend down to pick up a filthy wrapper. And everyone would think – what a jerk!”

Where I live, any guy doing a thing like this would be called a fool. Wrappers were meant to be thrown here and there, not treasured.

I felt hesitant and uncomfortable. Why was I in a situation where I knew I truly wanted to pick up the wrapper and keep it with me and yet wouldn’t do it because it was such a terribly difficult thing to do…

“Why don’t I just forget about it all? One wrapper won’t make a difference to anyone…”

“But what do I truly want to do? I want to pick up the wrapper and keep it with me and throw it in the dustbin when we reach the destination.”

In an instant, I bent down, picked up the wrapper and sprung back onto my seat. Everyone had thought what they wanted to think – laughed, commended, cursed whatever, but I had the wrapper safely in my hand.

In a few minutes, everyone was looking here and there as usual or reading or doing whatever everyone normally does in a train. The man who had thrown the wrapper looked at me keenly, then looked away.

I felt good. I felt amazing. Very, very happy. I had done what I truly wanted to do in my heart. And there was also a hope that the man would hesitate before throwing a wrapper next time.

Doing what you really want to do despite all the fear in the world - even in small situations like this – feels good.

What is the One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today?

Could you do one thing today that you are afraid to do but really want to do?

Do it.

There must be something that you are afraid of but want to do. Think about it. Is there such a thing?

It could be asking for a raise from your boss.

It could be telling your wife a truth about yourself you have never told her.

It could be calling up a friend you have not called since 1942.

It could be saying sorry to someone.

It could be anything you really want to do but are afraid of doing.

Think about such a thing. And do it. Today.

I promise you – you will feel good. You will feel stronger.

After all, if I could feel amazing simply by picking up a wrapper – you could feel so much more amazing by doing something bigger.

All the best! Do it, do it, do it! Even if you are ripped apart. :)

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Rock your day.


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