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Issue # 2, March 10, 2010

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Every month – in this newsletter, I’ll tell you one interesting thing that changed me for the better in the last month. Then I will ask you to do one small thing TODAY. One small little thing that will improve your life.

So What Interesting Thing Happened in the Last Month?

What happened wasn’t something very big or flashy. But it touched me, and I’ll share it with you.

I was munching my pizza at Domino’s yesterday when I saw two little boys. They must be aged around 8 years – both of them. They were shabbily dressed – they could be slum kids, and they were standing just outside the doorstep of Domino’s.

What were these guys doing? Actually, nothing. They were just standing there. Peeking in. Their face expression was like – “We want to come in…..but something is stopping us..” Of course, I knew what that something was from the way they were dressed.

As I watched them, a Domino’s guy rushed past me and shouted at them –

“Why are you standing here? Do you want to come in?“

“We…, we….”, one of them mumbled something, but he was scared I guess.

“Get lost. This is not the road.” – said Mr Domino’s.

The kids got a bit frightened and walked away.

“They’ve gone”, I thought, and I continued eating my pizza… But… They didn’t really go. They stood 3-4 metres away holding on to a nearby railing …still peeking inside… It was like they couldn’t pull themselves away from the sight of what lay inside Domino’s.

I knew what they wanted right now. You freaking know it when it is so clear. They wanted Domino’s pizza.

Suddenly, one of the boys looked at me. Our eyes met. He started smiling. That broke the ice. I smiled back. Soon we were both grinning.

I finished my pizza, and took out my wallet. One basic pizza cost Rs 44. Hmm. I had Rs 24 and a few Rs 100 notes. I needed change worth Rs 20 to make it 24 + 20 = 44.

I walked out of Domino’s and into the Grocery Store next doors.

“Can you give me this packet of 'Lays Chips'? And.. would you have change?”

Rs 44 in my pocket now. Were the kids still there?

They were there, right next to the railing – still staring into the heaven that Domino’s seemingly was.


(The kids stopped looking at the Domino’s place for a change and looked at me. Then they gave me blank disbelieving stares. Strangers don’t say “hi” in India. ;) )

“I want to give you guys Rs 44. You see – the basic pizza in there costs Rs 44. So, well, you can have that.“

One of the boys waved his hand…”No, no please, don’t offer us money..We won’t take it.”

Oops. This was unexpected. But I felt glad about his refusing to take money.

“I am not offering you “money” money. I am giving you the exact amount a pizza costs. And you didn’t even ask – so this is not begging. I am giving from the bottom of my heart because I really feel like it.”

The guy who was silent till now seemed receptive to the phrase - “bottom of my heart…”.He looked at the Defiant Kid. “He’s giving it from the bottom of his heart, he says – in that case we should take it.”

Defiant Kid was melting. I added more heat – “You know, you could think you asked God for the pizza – and he sent it to you through me…”

The kid was convinced. They took the money. They smiled. “Bye, bye”, I said.

“Thank you”, they said. And they rushed!

And suddenly, I felt joy gushing through me. I felt like I had just achieved all there was to achieve on this earth. I could cry, I could laugh. I could jump. I was so happy, and I couldn’t tell why. I felt a strange sort of peace that I hadn’t felt in ages. Something had happened….Why was I so happy feeding these 2 morons??

Even now, as I write these lines, I feel tears welling up in my eyes…

What happened? Nothing big. In fact it was a very petty incident. Not even worth mentioning, really. But the joy I felt…I had to share it…

I think it was just that – “Doing something for someone without any expectation…”

I never knew it brought this much joy. Or maybe I knew but had forgotten.

What is the One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today?

Could you do something for someone without any expectation today?

It could be someone you know. It could be someone you don’t know.

It could be about a stranger who’s crying – who needs a shoulder. You could offer it. It could be about someone you love who has always desired a certain dessert at a certain restaurant. You could treat her out today. It could be about putting flowers on your office colleague’s table and brightening up his day!

It could be anything..Anything for someone else, without expectation.

I promise you happiness. I promise you joy. I can vouch for it.

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