One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today

Issue # 7, October 20, 2011

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I’m Meghashyam.

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My intention as I send this newsletter is to tell you one thing that changed me for the better in the last one month. Then I will ask you to do one small and interesting thing that'll improve your life in a small way TODAY.

So, shall we begin?

One Interesting Thing I Did In the Last 1 Month

In the last one month, I learnt a bit about the amazing power of "gratitude". You must have heard about the advantages of being grateful for what we have, being thankful for the small things in life etc. but a practical real-life incident happened to me some days ago - that actually showed me how powerful gratitude can be.

I was travelling to my workplace on a cycle rickshaw in the morning some days ago, feeling quite grumpy. There were tons of things that were irritating me. The workload was high, there were so many things I had to do - but hadn't done at home, and tens of other issues made my mind spin. While I was feeling fed up and dull, I suddenly thought - "What if I consciously choose to be genuinely grateful for what I HAVE in my life?"

So, I started thinking of the nice things that existed in my life. I had gotten married to the love of my life a few weeks ago and had a wonderful - amazing wife in my life now. That was awesome. :) Then, I was not getting late for work - there was still a LOT of time to reach my workplace. I was thankful for that. I had woken up at 7 AM in the morning and worked on my website. That felt nice. I had had a wonderful energizing conversation with a special friend some time ago - and remembering that conversation felt nice.

The interesting thing is that within 5 minutes - my state of mind changed completely! I suddenly started feeling positive, and full of energy. By the time I reached work - I was raring to go!

Wow - could just consciously focusing on the nice things happening in one's life and being grateful for them change one's mood completely in 5 minutes?

Yes, that's what happened. :)

What is the One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today?

Could you take out 10 minutes and make a list of the things you are truly, genuinely grateful for, today?

I absolutely loved how my mood changed all of a sudden simply by thinking about the nice things in my life for 5 minutes.

You need not write out your list on a paper. You could keep sitting where you are and think of one nice thing that happened today. Then think of another one. Then another one. Before long, you'll feel amazing. :)

Why not try it out? That could be one interesting thing that YOU could do today!

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The Ask a Question Feature

As you already know, recently, I've started an 'Ask a Question' feature at

Here's the page where you can ask a question related to your life - and which I will genuinely try to answer. The feature is completely free.

That's about it for now.

Until next time please keep rocking. :)

Hoping you have a peaceful day,


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