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One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today!, Issue #9
August 25, 2012 Newsletter

One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today

Issue # 8, June 10, 2012


I’m Meghashyam and after a long gap, I'm back.

As you know, my online home is

As you can see, I've not been very regular in sending you this newsletter but now that I am back, I have a lot of interesting stuff to tell you!

This week, instead of telling you about a lesson I learnt last month directly, I'll try to communicate some important lessons I am learning through picture quotes. After all, viewing deep truths in a few lines can sometimes be more effective than reading a long article, isn't it? :)

Let's begin.

Some Inspiring Picture Quotes I've Loved This Month

Take a peek! (If you have any trouble viewing them, choose to display images in your inbox/reader)

Get Picture Quotes on PDIF

Until now, you could subscribe to email updates on PDIF here or via RSS and receive articles and site updates every week or so.

However, now, apart from all the article updates, you will also receive inspiring picture quotes like the ones above every alternate day. I think reading an inspiring picture quote first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day.

So, if you have not yet subscribed to PDIF's site updates, you could give it a try now!.

The 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes E-book

Krupa (my wife) and I are releasing an inspirational e-book called 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes.

This e-book will contain 500 awesome quotes by Steve Pavlina and launches on September 5, 2012 in PDF and Kindle versions. Steve Pavlina is someone intensely passionate about making life better and both my wife and I really felt inspired even compiling these quotes.

You can download a sample of this e-book here and watch the YouTube video trailer for the e-book here.

You can learn everything about the e-book right here.

Be inspired!

Tweet Tweet!

I am on Twitter and Facebook

I mostly tweet or post whatever I am thinking in that moment. I might be thinking about why carrots are red, or about the law of attraction or about my efforts to listen more and speak less. :)

Sometimes I also post quotes that stun me or links to articles I love.

Why not meet up here?

Have a wonderful day that is better than yesterday. :)

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