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Issue # 4, July 3, 2011

Hi <>!

I’m Meghashyam. It's been a long time since I sent this newsletter out. I even skipped sending it in the last few months.

But now, I am back, again. :)

As you know, my online home is

My intention as I send this newsletter is to tell you one thing that changed me for the better in the last few days. Then I will ask you to do one small and interesting thing that'll improve your life in a small way TODAY.

So What Interesting Thing Happened in the Last Few Days?

Twenty days ago, I started the Facing Fears experiment. This is a fascinating experiment in which I am trying to face 30 fears that I have in 30 days! You can read more about it here and here.

Some fears I have faced uptill now are:

1) I told a friend of mine exactly what I thought genuinely in a certain situation even though I knew that doing this could mean losing him forever. I could have lied but I didn’t.

2) I stood in front of a metro train that was just starting off and SCREAMED “Bye bye, Delhi Metro!” even as people looked at me as if I was mad. :) I had always wanted to do this but never did it.

3) I called a relative I was terribly afraid of calling because I felt he would criticize me and judge me. I shuddered but called anyway and the call had a happy ending. :)

4) I lay down in a public place and relaxed even as people who walked past me apparently judged me and thought I was a fool.

The point is that facing a fear a day in the last few days has actually made my life better. Before this experiment, whenever I felt fear, I would either escape from it or stifle it, but hardly ever face it. However, in the last 20 days, I have FACED my fears instead of escaping from them. This has made me feel more energetic, happy, excited and alive!

What is the One Interesting Thing You Can Do Today?

Now since I've obtained such positive results with facing my fears, I would highly recommend that you try facing just one of your own fears today. There could be many things you could be afraid of. Here are some examples:

1) Maybe you are afraid of telling your spouse or a close friend an embarrassing fact about your life.

2) Maybe you are afraid of saying "hi" to a stranger.

3) Maybe you are afraid of going on stage and speaking to an audience.

4) Maybe you are afraid of dancing in the street just because you feel like it!

The point is, you could do any one thing you are afraid of doing, today! I can guarantee that if you face just one fear today, you will end up feeling energetic, happier and more alive. Why not try it out just once? Feel the fear, be afraid but still do what you are afraid of.

All the best. :)

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So that's that. Until next time please keep rocking.

Hoping you have a fearless day,


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