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Are you stuck in any area of life? Maybe your career is not working out. Maybe your relationship has a problem. Maybe everything is fine but you are not happy.

Whatever it is, if you would love to discuss any important area of your life, why not give me a call?

I will listen to you, try to understand what you are going through and then tell you whatever I feel about your situation genuinely.

I believe that every human being is beautiful deep down, therefore, no matter what your issue may be, I won't judge you or condemn you. Even if I am not able to solve your problem, I will definitely try my best to help you out in any way I can.

I won't charge any fees for this free consultation - so there is really no catch except for the fact that you need to be an email subscriber to avail this free call. Again, I will only send you inspirational and helpful emails, so don't worry about that either. You will automatically become an email subscriber when you fill the form below. :)

Click here to submit your Free Phone Call form. (Read the FAQ below first).


What do I need to do to consult you for free?

Just submit your Free Phone Call form here. I will contact you very soon and then we can fix a time when it is convenient for both you and me to talk.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Ask me anything that concerns you deeply. If you are troubled by anything significant in your life - maybe your career, relationships,the purpose of your life - go ahead and ask me your questions. I will try my best to listen and tell you what I honestly feel.

What is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING about this phone call?

During the phone call, you might come face to face with some uncomfortable truths, you may feel confronted or you may feel like a lot of things you have been doing so far are wrong. This is natural and you need to be open to change before you call me.

Please make sure that you are completely open to grow, change and accept new truths about your life before our phone call. Realize that if you defend your old patterns or what you have been doing so far, it can be very difficult for any change to occur in your life.

Will you keep my details anonymous?

Yes, I will not share any details of our call with anyone. If at all I share any insights in my articles or content, I will do so anonymously without identifying you in any way.

For how long can our call last?

I'll prefer if the call lasts around half an hour. However, 'half an hour' is not very rigid. If the call proves to be really helpful, we can extend it beyond half an hour also.

How are you qualified to solve my problem?

I have gone through many ups and downs/troubled times and have learnt many lessons in my own life. No, I am not perfect but I have chosen a career I love (and quit my job), I am in a relationship, and I have faced many of my deepest fears, experimented with the law of attraction, set goals and also meditated. So I'll try my best to help.

More than anything else however, I am a human being just like you are and I will listen to you with all my heart. Sometimes, when we do just that, magical solutions automatically pop out.

Do you guarantee to solve my problem?

I guarantee that I will listen to you and try my best to understand you. Then, I will guide you genuinely based on what I feel. I will be completely honest with you. This means that if I feel I cannot solve a problem, I will tell you that. Whatever happens however, I will try my best to help you out.

Who will bear the cost of the phone call?

You will have to call me. I will provide you with my phone number once you fill out the form. You will have to bear the cost of the phone call. I live in India, so if you do not live in India, this will be an international call for you. 

Why are you consulting for free? Why are you not charging any money?

I really want to help people like you. I don't know how to express this but it gives me immense joy to make a difference in your life and help you rock it. I am consulting for free so that I can reach the maximum number of people.

What if I want to call you again after our first phone call?

The first phone call is free - but after that I charge $100 for every other phone call. I do this because I do not want you to become dependent on me. I am there to help you and guide you - but then YOU have to go ahead and take action in your own life. That is why I have imposed this $100 fee for the second phone call.

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