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Announcing the E-Book '500 Steve Pavlina Quotes'

Today, I am excited to tell you all about a new product that Krupa and I have been working on since the last few weeks. It is something that is very dear to our hearts... :)

Very soon, in the first week of September, we're launching an e-book called '500 Steve Pavlina Quotes'.

This e-book will contain the best possible quotes that I have been able to find on career, relationships, motivation, money, the law of attraction, productivity, being yourself and other themes. All the quotes are arranged in an interesting, colour-design format that makes reading the quotes easier (reading quotes one after the other line by line in a black and white format can sometimes look boring, you know :)).

What's So Special About This Book of Quotes?

Yup, it is true that there are so many quotes books around. Why another one?

For one, there is currently no book that has quotes by Steve Pavlina. The special thing about this guy's quotes is that they are direct, crisp, to the point and immediately strike the deepest part of your being. If you've read any articles at and loved them, you'll love the book!

The second thing is that the quotes freaking rock! I mean, they are actually good. While I was compiling these quotes, there were times when I myself had my own 'aha' moments and thought - “yes...that's so true..”. I loved compiling these quotes. Now I don't mean to say quotes in other quotes books don't rock. But I feel that most quotes in many quotes books are sort of standard ones, ones that you have already heard many times. They also tend to be a bit hi-fi or flashy. These are more practical and in your face.

So yes, while there are other quotes books around, who doesn't love another book of AWESOME quotes to refer to everyday?


In September first week, we're going to release this quotes e-book in 2 versions – PDF and Kindle. While you can read the PDF version on your phone, on your tablet or on your computer, the Kindle version will be even more “phone and tablet” friendly. If you've not heard of the Kindle yet, well it's a very interesting e-book reader as well as a reading software. The Kindle software (or Kindle app) is freely available here, and you can use it to read books in a very real way on your Windows PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, smart phone or Kindle device. I love Kindle so much that I devour Kindle books regularly every week. I like their realistic page turning feature.

The advantage of having phone and tablet friendly versions is that you can actually refer to these quotes as you wait somewhere, travel, or when you are just feeling bored. That's the time you might loved to be inspired!

Later, we're also planning to release an iBooks version, a Nook version and even a print version of our book. So, if you love reading in any of those formats, we're coming soon!

And for app lovers, we're also releasing a '500 Steve Pavlina Quotes' app in the Apple and Android store, though that may take a bit more time.

I am excited. :)

Free Bonus Material

To make sure you smile (please, that's important to us!), we're also giving away four free gifts along with the e-book. There'll be a special '20 quotes to read everyday' collection, a free inspirational quotes screensaver, a '20 ways to use quotes in your daily life' collection and a 'Rock your life with 7 booster emails' mini-course – FREE with the e-book.

Hope you enjoy all of them. :)

And the Price?

We know that there's no dearth of over-priced products on the internet. We don't want to add to them.

While we've not yet decided the price, we do plan to keep the price nominal enough for most people on the planet to be able to afford it easily. The aim is to reach as many of you as possible and have a nice effect on your life.

In fact, we are even thinking of a “suggest a price” campaign soon, where you can tell us what price will be best for this e-book. More on that later!

Free Sample

Just so that you can look at the quotes yourself and enjoy at least some of them anyway, we're soon going to release a free sample of 33 quotes. I'll tell you as soon as the sample's ready!

And Now Being Very Honest...

Let me tell you the truth about why we're releasing the e-book in the first place.

The core truth is that this vision inspires us:

“Do something that really, really helps other people improve their lives and also helps us feel abundant (with respect to money) ourselves.”

That's the honest truth. After all people who're selling quotes e-books do need to be honest themselves, right? :)

So yes, we do want to make money but the core driving force behind bringing this e-book out is to develop a product that truly improves the lives of those who read it.

We promise you, that this e-book will do that. We'd not have released it otherwise.

Well, all the best to you anyway. Rock your day!

We'll keep you informed about any interesting e-book updates.

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