Testimonials: 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes

Steve Pavlina's photograph"Hi Meghashyam, I took a look at your ebook, and you really did a nice job on it! I'm honored that you appreciate these quotes so much. :)"

Steve Pavlina [Yes, this is the same Steve Pavlina whose quotes are in the book]

vikanshu on 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes"..I totally, totally delved deep into the quotes while going through them particularly the law of attraction ones..everything has been taken care of and I can't think of anything that would need improvement."


Sugantha on 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes"The book is a superb compilation.. the color differentiation along with the side pane with the title is a really thoughtful design. Just minutes into the book, I was very comfortable navigating through it. I instinctively knew that grey ones are for 'Money', blue ones for 'Goals' etc."


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