100 Incredible Happiness Hacks!

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks

Happiness is all around us. So much so that we don't need anything that we do not have to be happy. We don't need money, we don't need relationships, we don't need a purpose - we need nothing outside of us. All these things increase the happiness that is already inside us - they don't create it.

If this is the case, then why is everyone not happy? The reason is that we resist happiness in this moment.

Here are some common thoughts we think:

"I need to earn so much money, do this, this and that, achieve this and that - and then I will give myself permission to be happy."

"He did that to me. She did that to me. Life sucks."

"I am so anxious about that meeting tomorrow!"

"I wish things had gone fine yesterday."

By thinking these thoughts, we resist happiness from coming in every moment. We put conditions on happiness coming into our life and we don't give ourselves permission to be happy.

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks talks about 100 fascinating ways in which you can lower your resistance to happiness.

Some of these ways make you go deep and think about things. Some other ways are so simple, you can try them out right now!

It does not matter what life situation you are in. You may be super-rich or you may be broke, you might be in a relationship or you may be single - no matter how you are right now, you can be happy!

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Wherever you are, and in whatever situation you are, have a happy day. :)

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