NOTE: This post is not relevant now. It is about the free ebook '100 Incredible Happiness Hacks' that you can download here. 

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks Releases on November 5, 2012

Hi there!

I am excited to announce that I am launching a free Kindle ebook called 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks on November 5, 2012.

This ebook will have hundred interesting tips – the aim of which is to make you atleast a bit happier than you already are.

Here, take a peek at the book cover, designed by my wife Krupa (she's amazing).

How Can These '100 Tips' Make You Happy?

I believe that happiness is always round the corner – right near you. You don't need to earn tons of money, have the best relationships in the world and figure out your purpose to be happy. Of course all of those things help a lot – but they are not essential. In fact, NOTHING is essential – you can be happy just as you are – right now. Everything else – money, a great career, other people's appreciation etc. increases your happiness – but it only increases the happiness that is already there within you.

So if happiness is right here and now, why are we not happy?

Because we resist happiness! We think: “I need to earn so much money and achieve this much fame or have this kind of a relationship before I can be happy.” Or we keep getting worried about the past and the future thinking: "Why did he behave that way that day? I wonder what will happen tomorrow..." All this creates resistance – and we are not able to be happy in the present moment.

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks talks about interesting ways in which you can lower your resistance and find happiness right now! Some of the happiness hacks are simple and you can practice them right away. Some others require deep introspection. However, all of them will help you feel lighter, easier and more pleasant right now.

The Ebook is Free, So Do Download it!

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks is intended to be free in the Kindle Store.

I also plan to release a PDF version soon – that will be free too. :) [Edit: here it is.]

I won't disclose more about the ebook yet – you need to read it to learn more!

Take a peek at the YouTube trailer right here.

Have a wonderful and super-happy day today. Here's sending all of you tons and tons of happiness. :)

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