Are You Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?

It Starts With Accepting That YOU Are Completely
Responsible For the Way Your Life Is Right Now

You have had that moment when you realized that your old "life patterns" were no longer serving you.

You need to kick start a new life with new habits, a new perspective and renewed hope. 

Maybe a relationship breakup has made you realize this. Maybe you have suddenly became fed up of years of a socially conditioned job that doesn't fulfill you.

Maybe you have became tired of being the shy person who is obsessed with  "what other people will think of you." Or maybe the loss of a loved one has forced you to rethink the meaning of life. 

Whatever the stimulus - it is "the moment" that matters.

The moment when you are ready to let go of what is not working in your life and ready to create your new life, slowly step by step. The moment when you feel the hope and excitement of taking your life in your own hands - and making what YOU want to make out of it... 

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...Welcome to the world of personal development - the world of discovering yourself and 'really' working on creating the life you want. 

This site will be your faithful friend in your journey of personal discovery. It has loads of articles and audios that will help you slowly create that new life you want - step by step.

It will provide you the "push" you need as you begin a new exercise routine, a new career you love, some new daily habits or any life change you want to carry out.

My own personal growth moment came many years ago when I was 19 years old.

I was an extremely shy kid in college who always kept to himself, in his room. One day, however, I decided to test myself by facing my fears. I tried interacting with new people, organized debates and quizzes and volunteered for a number of public speaking based activities despite literally shivering with fear.

That's when my moment came.

I realized that it was actually possible to create any life I wanted to create - that there were no constraints to who I could be. After facing tons of fears and conducting many fear experiments, I was intrigued to "stretch myself" even more.

I then tried various other personal growth experiences like consciously coming back to the present moment everyday (it's fun!), choosing an unconventional career (this one!), conducting 2 weird law of attraction experiments (it works) and learning to say "no" when required (yup, it's difficult).

This site chronicles my own personal growth journey - and as I write, I intend to inspire and provide a boost to your journey towards a better life as well.

How Can This Site Help You? 

This site has over 180 articles and 20 audios to inspire you and fill you with new "life improvement" ideas.

* If you are going through a relationship crisis, start with

A Simple Way to Build Happy Lasting Relationships,

6 Lessons From Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus,

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 I Don't Know What to Do.

* If you are feeling sad and dejected right now,

How To Feel Good Instantly,

Why Everything is Perfect and Why You Should Smile,

5 Awesome Ways to Be Happy and...

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks (ebook) can give you a better perspective.

* If you are very shy or very concerned about "what other people think about you", check out 

Why You Should Face Your Top 10 Fears

How to Beat Fear

How to Not Feel Shy and Not Fumble While Talking

How to Become Greater Than You Think You Are

 * If you want to read some hard hitting quotes that will get you motivated and kicked up this very instant, check out

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* Every few months, I conduct real life experiments that are real fun! Read about

How I Faced 30 Fears in 30 Days

My Real Life Experiment With the Law of Attraction

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* Listen to personal development audios - audio inspiration that you can take along with you...

Sometimes, You May Require Something Very Specific That Will Really Resonate With You... 

Search for what you want to find here:

Well, that's about it for now!

I really hope you enjoy this new journey you are embarking on.

 You can bet it will be very challenging and tough at times. Consciously "creating" your new life is a very, very slow process and it takes loads of time and effort.

Choosing a daily routine, belief or career that others recommend for you - is so easy! But doing anything by yourself because you believe in it - is freakin' tough.

But - I'll try my best to cheer you up and help you with your new life creation process.

All the best mate!

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